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by X39

Hello there

as you, the visitor, might have noticed, i changed a "few" things on my webpage in regards of the design

first of all: this wont be the last change loads of back-end code is getting rewritten ... but well ... for now, try hovering the bar at the top :)


The way Todays news are created during "emergency" situations ...
by X39

So ... it happened "again" something "bad"

this time: Munich, Germany

One News-Magazine reports Alluah Akbar got shouted some other reports 100% Evidence not related to islam ... most likely some other reported IT WAS A PIG! SENT BY ALIENS!! ...

The Problem

Every news magazine today reports instantly as soon as any pictures are available, not as soon as a news is available! This is especially visible when such events occur ... Do we yet know anything? Yes:

  • The Police came with heavy equipment (SEK, GSG9, BePo)

Aaaaaand ... thats it

Everything else from shooting to whatever actually is currently not official

But what do we know from non-official sources with proper evidence (eg. from a video like this) ...

  • Shots got fired
  • Somebody had an argument with somebody else

Cool ... so ... what is the first thing which comes into your mind now?

Wait until you got some proper informations? XD nonono! Go Live NOW!!!! Just grab some random people who seemed to be close from ... i dont know ... twitter? Just get some images & feelings onto TV and social networks!

Ohhhhhhh ... wait ...

So ... what can we conclude out of that bullshit happening currently all over the world in the news?


News agencies today do not want to deliver news to you ... they want to deliver content. Content that feels like news but actually is just garbage and speculation.

There are multiple cases where the speculations are complete garbage ... but some people got that garbage and take it as fact and use it in further discussions etc. that bullshit spreas out further and further ... and in the end ... you get some idiots who think they are right as it was in the news! They even can show you some evidence by some random youtube video that recorded that news snippet ... what they most of the time do not get is the correction of that news agency ...


  • News Agencies do not take their job serious anymore
  • Due to the ASAP feelings & pictures content delivery system they evolved to now people get informed wrong
  • Bullshit spreads all over the place
  • People get evidence by false reports which ghost somewhere in the internet without correction

This ... is not good! Most people just believe what they read and thus do not ask any questions when they spot something in the news. They do not further inform themself or reflect about that content they just consumed ... they just consume ... Due to that, false facts further spread and get evidence without ever being true ...

Good job news agencies ... spread further stupidity & ignorance ... and please ... never stop doing it ...

Evolve Stage 2 - F2P to revive a dead game ... some big concern
by X39

I recently noticed that Evolve now is Free2Play.

I did bought the title and had a lot of fun and seeing the playerbase dying was ... well ... hard ... I played it when it was released and had heavy technical problems

A year later i gave it another try (player count was ~600 around that time) and noticed that the problems are gone. So i had a new game to play regulary ...

sadly ... the playerbase dropped quite fast to 100-200 players and finding a game took longer and longer ... when it regulary started to take at least 15 minutes i stoped playing again ...

But what does all this has to do with the game now going F2P? Well ... lets make it quick: The F2P is a try to survive the game ... i feel rly happy about it as i appreciate that step of the devs ... however ... i also got some big concerns which are not yet clear for me ...

How do they want to make money now?

That is by far the most important question for me ... F2P is nice for the players ... but developement is not paid by fun ... it is paid by coin ...

Currently, there is no way to buy anything in the game with real world money ... which worries me ...

The game getting F2P should not mean that people now can play a year and then the game wont be supported anymore ... that would neither be good for Turtle Rock Studios reputation nor it would be good for the game ... so PLEASE @DEVs ... do not fuck this up by forgetting that you need to make money too or by making it Pay2Win ... the cosmetics way can be good for you ... but being able to buy those things with the so callen "Silver keys" is simply garbage at its current gain rate ... i mean ... i played 3 matches and already got 4k silver keys ... (to note ... i also won all those 3 matches as monster at stage 2 ... but i am also a vet in regards of monster playing ^^')

Take DotA 2 as example for good F2P gaming, or Team Fortress 2 and do not try to just get some sort of money grabber in ... people (like me for example) will pay thousands of EUR if you allow them to do it properly


Do not fuck your F2P model up by forgetting the money at all or by just pressing it in somehow. If you follow that simple rule, the games revive will be a success!

Ohh ... and .. do not forget that people want new content ... so you might want to add some modding support (which then can be transfered into the game again by eg. new characters/monsters/maps etc.)

How to annoy your coworkers using Jira
by X39

Step 1

Take any ticket link you are supposed to send to a coworker

Step 2

Attach a , onto the link

Step 3

Watch your coworkers rage

The good and the bad things about auto-reporting
by X39

As some of you might know, the ArmA-UI-Editor of mine has automatical crash reporting (just actually takes the exception and stacktrace, no other information transfered) it is a quite solid way to get informations about crashes on a constant base regardless of if the user reports or not

however ... the drawback is ... you notice 1. how much your application actually crashes and 2. that people tend to ignore those issues and either think "he most likely knows about this" or "nah ... do not need to report" ...

thats bad ... because due to that a hell lot of people this tool gets created for simply are missed in regards of feature coverage etc.

so ... please guys ... try to always report :) if i do know, your reported bug will get closed and if i do not know about it (which is most of the time more likely) i can fix/implement it

Why testing is important ...
by X39

So ... today night i released a quite large update for the ArmA-UI-Editor ... apparently ... lazy me did actually tested the changes ...

however :3 in the "last moment" i copy pasted some important pane (the Toolbox pane) from the Property pane and thus caused trouble ...

that change just got tested in a fairly simple way by me: drag&drop from the toolbox to the editing window ...

obviously by now ... this was not enough

i forgot to remove a single event handler that normally gets added by the property pane and thus the entire application was doomed to the ultimate crash death on every property change using the property pane ^^'

well ... so a little last-minute change caused heavy trouble to all end-users which are more or less alpha testing for me (thats why the auto-report of crashes is enabled per default currently <3) ... i am sorry for that ...

the hotfix is live by now ... and i apologize to everybody who experienced trouble due to this (even though ... this is alpha thus productive usage is not recommended anyway :3)

kindly regards, X39

Time for some blogging :)
by X39

Greetings guys

thought it is time to talk a little about the future of my projects in general

Currently i have my focus on 3 projects in total:

Quite a lot isnt it? So ... help is appreciated :3 Every project is kinda the same ammount of damned doomed work ... and spreading the time i can invest whise is hard as fuck ...

But lets cover each entry separate

Extended Medical System (AKA XMedSys)

Extended Medical System is supposed to be that what i always wanted XMS1 and XMS2 to be ... an extensive, easy to use and simple medical system which suits to everybody who wants to use it!

XMS1 was a failed project as i had no fucking clue how to start with and with XMS2 the scope changed so often that in the end implementing new stuff was just too damn hard ... (hell you had to create 5 new entries for one fucking thing and then it wasnt even sure you would have everything behave as you wanted ...)

thats why i dropped both projects and started doing this crap properly with more planning in the start and with that what i learned out of XMS2 in mind ...

XMedSys will be capable of creating the whole content from scratch on its own all via config files :) meaning:

  • No complicated "edit theese 20000000000 SQF files" anymore
  • Easy Overview
  • Even the dumpest person should be able to follow the syntax
  • Less documentation
  • New stuff can be implemented with a blink of an eye

Only problem this creates is that the code behind has to be generated which means i already written a ton of code just for the generation :3

be excited as i am kinda sure this will launch in mid 2016Q4

Object Oriented Scripting (in short OOS)

OOS is a completly new way of scripting for ArmA 3

It is Objectoriented (obvious) and supports function overloading + other comfort stuff you know from other languages

Sadly ... a lot of things are still not straigth forward :3 but that is where the work currently is invested

the alpha is stable enough and that what will change from here wont be that much of an impact that you would have to rewrite your whole code. hell the tool is damn stable actually :)

If you want to see it in action then head over to my XInsurgency mission to get started it is enough to download it. After that, open the wrapper and create a project somewhere in there you just need an entry point and youre done :) Entry points available:

static void preInit()

static void postInit()

static void preStart()


you can have as many of theese as you want (end code still is SQF ... ^^') as long as they are separated in namespaces


Well well ... there is not much to be told about this one ...

It is a quite new project, still in damn early alpha (though ... only thing preventing productive usage is an invalid formular for the screensize in arma (doomed safezones -.-) and the lacking content :3). The project itself aims to replace the ingame UI Editor with an Out-Game UI editor which has enhanced features and supports you as good as possible on the editing

The style orients heavily on VisualStudio (see for yourself from top to bottom the images get older) and it is planned to support as much extensibility (currently: styles, new content and languages; not everything enabled yet) and it is planned to continue that design approach

Most ppl are already excited when just seeing the alpha ... well ... me personally too as i know what i roughly plan to implement in the next few month

but do not expect any BETA release before end of 2016 ^^'

the alpha however is already stable enough .. but writing content ... hell ... lemme stay it like so: if you enjoy searching through the BIKI and translating everything into XML files, you are hired :) (no money paid)


ok guys ... that was all i wanted to update ya with ... been quite a long time since the last entry ... i will try to make this stuff more regulary ... but no promisses :3

See you next time, X39