A fancy world of magic, unicorns and a raging lazy dev
==First things first==

This Webpage is currently using google analytics. This will change as soon as i got the time to remove it again. but that means that you are currently monitored whenever you navigate any of the pages here. Apart from the above exception (which you can block using simple anti-tracking scripts till i removed it) no connection to the "outside internet" are done. Your data also is never shared with anybody in the outside world.


The nginx server is running default logging for debuging purpose. Google Analytics is running in this webpage for simple statistics service. Meaning your basic data is shared with google. The PHP script this webpage is running sets a Cookie that allows to keep session informations. A session usually will be deleted after 30 minutes. Session data is not of importance for you (nothing will be set in there) but important for me to actually ... well ... do anything on this webpage.


Some applications are using update mechanisms which automatically runs at the startup. It communicates with this server. Default logging of nginx applies here too. Applications updating are logged into an internal SQL table. The logged stats are: IP, Timestamp, API path. Those are logged for simple usage stats.

==Further Informations==

Write me an email: x39 [at] x39 [dot] io